Consulting Client Review: Metro Garage Door

Check out Dustin’s review here!

Metro Garage Door has been servicing the Metro area for over 40 years with excellent service and quality products. Over the years, Metro Garage Door has had 3 owners, the most recent being Dustin Winter, who acquired the company in 2020. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he had been looking to purchase a company that was established, successful, and had a great reputation but also had plenty of room for growth— Metro was the perfect fit. However, acquiring an existing business comes with its own set of challenges. The marketing costs were at first glance seemingly high and there was no evidence of marketing growth or record of where those dollars were going. 

Dustin and Alison reconnected on LinkedIn after previously working together in years past. Wanting to figure out all of the pieces of the marketing puzzle, Alison ran an audit to uncover where the marketing dollars were going. She discovered many different active platforms, accounts, active phone numbers, and joined calls with the conducting agency to learn more. When it was found that the old agency was not being fully transparent, she assisted Dustin in finding a secondary agency to work with. Extend Marketing IS a full service marketing agency, however, we do accept that there are things we are better at than others— no one can truly do it all! We enjoy fostering a collaborative environment with partnering agencies who specialize in Google Ads and ongoing SEO support in order to provide Metro Garage Door with the proper advertising and care that they need. At the end of the day, we are not afraid to work together with a partner for the good of our customer and their goals. Extend Marketing and Alison act as an extension of the Metro team in a Marketing Director sort of way to not only have our team help with initiatives but also to be a main point of contact for other partner agencies. 

Extend provided an updated logo file, brand guide, social media accounts, and a fresh marketing and brand strategy. Later on, we began tackling YouTube videos to gain impressions and traction from an SEO perspective, as well as blog writing for additional exposure. Metro Garage Door’s interactions with customers have never been better and the business continues to find success year over year.

At the end of the day, we believe that marketing should be simple. It should be transparent, and it should always work for the greater good of your business. We uphold that belief at Extend Marketing. We are so grateful for Dustin and his wonderful team whom we have gotten to know over the last couple of years, and we look forward to seeing how the business will continue to evolve and grow!