Pivot.  I think this word means something different to us all these days compared to a few months ago.  The same rings true for us here at Extend Marketing.  In a few short weeks, we went from a Promotional Events company to very quickly needing to pivot and shift.  We started 2020 off with a refreshed business and marketing plan for the year.  This was going to be a big year of growth for us.  Then March hit, and boom!  The events world came to a screeching halt as did our revenue stream.  But, since we’re in the business of running a successful business, we simply needed to shift.  And quickly.  I have a background in sales and marketing as a whole.  I’ve dabbled in quite a few things over the years so for us and our team here at Extend, it was a somewhat easy pivot.  In two weeks’ time, we refreshed our business and marketing plan to continue to support our clients and connections-just in new, elevated ways. 

Introducing our new (additional) service offering: Consulting.  Since March, we’ve helped redesign 2 websites, we’ve helped clients write and communicate their crisis plans (thanks Covid), we’ve taken on writing and managing content for both internal and external communications, and we’ve helped streamline branding for multiple clients.  Currently, our clients (and us alike) are needing to find new ways to connect with our customers and target market.  With events being restricted and the outside world changing, what better way to connect than through your digital efforts? 

What does this look like for us now?  It looks like a full-service support system for your business from a marketing perspective.  We will continue to offer our event and promotional item offerings (promotional items, apparel, event support…all the swag and tchotchkes…logoed facemasks anyone??) but in addition, we are now equipped to help with your web design, branding, and more general marketing needs.  We’d love to hear your story and…if you’re interested, help tell it! 

Sending all our love and well wishes-


Founder and Chief Strategist

Extend Marketing Inc         

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