Case Study: Adventures of the Orange Pot

When clients come to us with their brilliant ideas, we love finding ways to execute them. We work with many “big” businesses and enjoy those types of clients and the work that comes with it, but every “big” business starts small. We have a heart for the little guys, the people with brilliant ideas that need help getting the ball rolling. Gretchen was one of those clients.

After many years of writing a cooking column called “Adventures of the Orange Pot” for a local newspaper, she decided to try her hand at taking the Adventure online as a weekly recipe subscription service. She needed a logo and a website with subscription capabilities to get it off the ground, and we were more than happy to help. We were all delighted with the outcome! 

The process started with our graphic designer, gathering mood boards and inspiration, font samples, and a few drafts & versions of her logo. The color palette was easy— we pulled colors directly off of Gretchen’s famous Orange Pot, the dutch oven that gave her brand its namesake. She liked the look of a retro, scrolling font with a modern twist. We settled on Olive Village for our main font and Grande Solid Regular for a secondary accent font.

Gretchen wanted a few different logos for different uses, and we were happy to provide! Our designer also worked out her recipe, newspaper, and shopping list templates… and this adorable little character that makes an appearance from time to time on her social posts.

From there, it was time to pick a website template and figure out what flowed the best and matched Gretchen’s vision. We went with a modern, food-blog style template website. The layout is spacious and inviting, and keeps the food at the focal point. Gretchen takes all her own photos, so we wanted to make sure to pick a template that could show them off! 

Having a site with the ability to allow people to subscribe was the main need that Gretchen had. We helped her set up an annual, monthly, and gift subscription so that customers could easily select an option that worked for them. The subscriptions automatically renew for ease and convenience. She also built in a page where visitors can download and print a free recipe to get a “taste” of the Orange Pot… who doesn’t love a good freebie?

There is something for everyone on this Adventure! Check out Gretchen’s website today and see what’s cooking!