Case Study: PE Services

PE Services is a women-owned civil engineering & construction company based in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. They came to us in need of a refreshed, updated website that reflected who they are as a company. Understanding that a website is a digital lobby, we wanted to make sure that it was clear to clients at first glance the level of professionalism and detail-oriented service that PE Services provides.

A custom built website, a brand guide & social media management

It all started with a brand guide. When we first partnered with PE Services, all they had to their name was one logo. We decided that in order to properly reflect their brand online, we needed some ground rules. We interviewed the team and worked together to create a full brand guide, complete with proper colors, fonts, and logos— and how to properly utilize them— so that the message was clear. From there, we took the guide and built a completely custom website from scratch. With a custom website, the options are truly limitless. Custom built websites are perfect for large scale businesses looking for a professional edge to their site. Their team travels often throughout the Midwest, so it was crucial for their employees to have 24/7 access to information such as benefits, HR information, safety tools, policies, and procedures. As a result, we built out an Intranet, which gives each employee their own log in information and access to all of these materials in addition to a company store where they can order merchandise.

From there, we trained their team to be able to adequately write and upload blogs, edit the website pages, and in order to be sure that everything was up to date and fresh. Along with this, we also helped them build a strong social media foundation using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They already had a Facebook presence, however, it was not being used to its full potential as it was being used primarily between internal employees rather than outside clients. Extend made moves to bridge the gap between clients and the company interacting on Facebook. Twitter was experimental in nature and had a strong start, however was later deemed not necessary to the social media efforts, as most business was found to come from LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn was arguably the most integral addition to the social media lineup. Being a B2B business, building out a strong LinkedIn presence was crucial for networking and making connections within the construction and engineering realms. We also helped facilitate a professional press release when the business changed hands to Jennifer Hildebrand, the new President and CEO of PE Services.

Extend Marketing trained the team not only on how to operate their new website, but also passed the baton in order to allow their team to successfully manage their social media platforms. Most marketing companies want to be on retainer, however, it is our belief that there is something truly rewarding about training a team to successfully manage their business toolbox and be successful. We take pride in watching our clients grow and scale with our shared knowledge under their belt!

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