The Heart of What We Do

At Extend Marketing, we believe in the power of passion and positive energy. We were founded on an idea; a dream rather, that things can be done differently. That we can create our own future. 

Our small business packages were started due to us wanting to provide better solutions to those that work hard to make their dreams come true and don’t quite feel like they have the tools to know the best place to start. 

At Extend Marketing, we believe in the power of taking action and moving forward. The more we advance, the more options and opportunities we open to create a diverse world full of creativity and innovation. The visions that we have of making changes, both large and small, can become a reality when we have the tools available to us. We believe in you – we want to see your dreams come true and want to have a part in working as a team with you to create your brighter future. 

With a caring team of strong-minded individuals, you’re not alone in your journey of making your visualizations become a reality. With copywriting, graphic design, website building and more, you have access to a full team of artists, and the world is your canvas.

What do our small business packages consist of? We give you a variety of different options. 

One of our most popular packages is our logo design package, where we collaborate with you to create the logo that vividly showcases what your brand is and what you represent. 

Are you needing help in regard to navigating social media accounts for your business? Step right up, as we have a highly skilled team that will help you set up or manage your social media accounts. We even have five fabulous templates that you can choose from to help the process streamline much more easily for you. 

Sometimes we know exactly what our brand is and what we want to represent but feel completely overwhelmed with the idea of having to start building a website. Period. Want us to take it from scratch and make your vision become a reality? We also offer packages where we create your ideal website from beginning to end.  

If you know anyone that has been pondering following their passion and starting the small business that they’ve always dreamed about, but who are too scared to follow suit due to feeling intimidated about what they’re getting into, have them look us up! We love to help, and we want small business owners to know that they are never alone. We want those dreams to come true! Click HERE to see the entire catalogue of our small business packages, and please reach out to us HERE with any questions.

“At Extend, we have built our brand, our client base, and our story from the ground up. We know what it’s like to have to ‘figure it all out’ on a budget. We are proud to offer these services to an area in the market who is still figuring out how to make their dream become a reality. This is YOUR vision. YOUR story and we want to help tell it. As soon as you have a clear goal and vision, we would love to be the vehicle to help bring your dream into fruition.” – Alison Andreasen, CEO of Extend Marketing Inc.