Get to Know Yourself This Spring || AZT Enneagram & Consulting

The enneagram is a geometric tool with nine points placed around a circle and interconnecting lines through the center. The tool has ancient origins but has been used in modern psychology, theology and other disciplines to build understanding about our own personality systems and the way it both helps and hinders us in our daily lives. It is not a diagnostic tool, but rather a system for building greater awareness and compassion for ourselves and others. Adia is a long time fan of the enneagram and is passionate about helping people understand both themselves and others through this tool. When she came to us with her idea of starting AZT Enneagram & Consulting, we were thrilled!

We loved working with Adia to bring her business to life with a beautiful logo & website! We love our clients and all of their bright ideas, goals, and aspirations— and we love to be a part of their journey! Adia’s business is very unique and we were excited to participate in a session as a team here at Extend once the work was done.

Adia’s journey started with creating her logo. She worked with our graphic designer and helped her learn the ins and outs of the Enneagram. At Extend, we pride ourselves in our desire to learn everything about your business— who you are & what you do— so that we can accurately represent the goals you are striving for. From the first meeting, we worked together on a mood board where Adia generated a clear path for her logo’s direction.

After a sketching phase and a few color iterations, we settled on her logo as you see it! We loved the sage green and gold accents that brought her logo to life. Elegant and modern, it is sure to be a timelessly beautiful mark for her business!

After her logo was finalized, it was time to build out her web presence. We love the layout that she selected and it perfectly captures her business. It is clean & professional, soft & inviting— which if you utilize Adia’s services, you will quickly learn that it is a lot like her!

“Working with the team at Extend Marketing has been one of the best choices I have made for my new business. They helped me craft a beautiful and professional logo and website that convey the values and message of my business to all future clients. It was also great to work with a small team of dedicated creatives who provided personal attention throughout the entire process. They felt just as invested in my business as I am. Whether you are a large company or a one-person start up, I highly recommend working with the Extend Marketing Team to set yourself up for success!”

-Adia Zeman Theis

It was a joy to work on this project & see it come to life. Check out AZT Enneagram & Consulting if you want to get to know yourself or others on a deeper level. We had so much fun as a team participating!