Sunnin’ and Trendin’ with Extend Marketing this Summer 2023

Another gorgeous summer is fast approaching, and we want to help start planning for fun in the sun. This year, especially, there are a multitude of amazing experiences for those who love the outdoors. We have a plethora of exciting new products that are going to take your summer on to the next level! Let us be your guide to optimizing your summer experience.

Hiking and camping have always been popular but have seen a surge in interest over the past several years. People are looking for ways to escape cities and suburbs, enjoy nature, and spend “unplugged” quality time with family and friends. To make the most of hiking, camping (or even glamping!) experiences, consider useful and functional products like backpacks, sleeping bags, camping stoves and power banks.

There’s no better time to have fun in the sun than in the summer, especially when the weather gets hot. From kayaking to fishing to stand-up paddle boarding and boating, there is truly something for everyone at every skill level. Millennials have the highest water sports participation rates, 17.2%, so there’s a trend in high quality promotional apparel like outerwear and performance wear that are big sellers when it comes to this demographic.

At home, integrating indoor and outdoor living spaces is becoming increasingly popular as both an aesthetic as well as a lifestyle. Integrating indoor and outdoor spaces can refer to finding a harmony between both, such as opening a home to a patio with sliding/folding doors or adding enclosed verandas and partially covered gardens as well as adding ultra-comfortable and luxe outdoor furniture and trendy accessories that feel more like indoor pieces. You also see homes re-imagined with the use of natural materials like marble and stone, and decor in warming neutrals that don’t overwhelm the senses.

Cycling is growing in popularity, particularly as a clean, green and healthy means of transportation during an era of time when gas prices are continuing to grow. It’s also an amazing way to relax your mind, get good amounts of cardio in, and even explore areas you normally wouldn’t! Bicycles and electric bicycles offer a convenient transportation option that appeals to those who don’t want to deal with the inconveniences that may accompany car ownership. In fact, e-bike sales in the United States are outpacing electric and hybrid cars combined, according to the Light Electric Vehicle Association. Products that promote safety like lights, bells, and other accessories are a no-brainer for brands that want to appeal to cycling enthusiasts.

Whether playing with family or friends, outdoor games are a way for people to gather and have fun in the fresh air. Outdoor games bring people of all ages and skill levels together to play everything from shuffleboard to croquet to volleyball and pickleball.

Looking for more fun in the sun this summer? The pickleball boom is real! More than 36.5 million people played pickleball from August 2021 to August 2022 – a huge increase over a participation rate of 5 million in earlier 2021.

Another great summer (and year round!) activity that is always in fashion is yoga! What’s wonderful about this activity is that it can be done anywhere. Studies have shown that viewing nature increases wakeful relaxation and internal focus – which are components of a rewarding practice, and doing yoga in new environments can build confidence and open new interpretations of poses and sequences. While doing yoga, the added stimulation of terrain helps you feel more connected to nature and can even help reduce the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Make sure to check out some of our comfy and lightweight shirts this summer so that you can stay cool while getting focused!

Are you excited for some summer fun? Contact to us today for product ideas and solutions to enhance your good times in the great outdoors.