Is it Time for a Rebrand?

One of the best places to look for a fresh start is in your branding. Your brand is the face of your business, it communicates to your customers who you are and what you do at a glance. First impressions are important! If your brand’s face is needing a lift, we just might be the team for you. We love helping customers to clarify their brand, create consistency, and grow their business.

At Extend, we have plenty of experience with rebranding, as we have personally gone through it 3 times over the years! We are settled in our brand and feel that it truly represents who we are and the level of service we provide. We’d love to do the same for your business as well!

A few key things to look at when considering a rebrand

1. Does my business name reflect our company/goals?

It seems simple, but it happens all the time. If your business name doesn’t give an idea of what you do, it can be confusing to your clients. Your name should be memorable and differentiating while still helping to explain what you do.

2. Do we have clear goals and how are we communicating them to our clients?

One of the best things you can do for your business is to choose “goal words” to describe what you would like to communicate to your clients. Choosing these words helps to clarify your message and can also be helpful to your graphic designer in creating logos that clearly represent what you are all about. Goal words are an excellent starting point when starting a new business or rebranding an existing one!

3. What are our core values?

Similar to goal words, core values are an important part of a company. These words tell your customer what is important to your company and how your company will handle their project. Essentially, core values are your business’s road map. They can help to define your mission statement— the “why” behind how you operate. Core values should be the strong foundation that your company is built on. Some great examples of core values are honesty, passion, excellence, trust, and empathy. Do some research and take a look at what is important to you and your team, choose your values, and stick to them! Just as you built your business on these values, build a reputation for your company with them as well.

4. Is our visual identity or logo clear and consistent?

Your logo is the first thing that clients come in contact with when exploring your brand. Is it out of date? A brand identity is only relevant and fresh for 5-10 years due to shifts in culture, needs of clients, and changes to the market. Make sure you aren’t falling behind! A visual identity should make sense for what your business does, match the business name, and if possible, communicate your brand goals subliminally. A modern, clean logo is much more likely to be appealing to a client than a logo that is 20 years old and showing it!

5. Are my colors helping my brand?

Colors are more than pretty when it comes to branding. Colors set the tone of your business and can make or break a brand identity! If you want to communicate that your business is calm, cool, and collected, the last color you should be using to represent yourself is a bright, fiery red! Your graphic designer will be of good help when it comes to choosing colors to match your business.

6. Do we have a brand guide?

Having a brand guide is one of the best ways to make sure your brand looks consistent. Brand guides explain to employees new and old the standards that are in place to make sure that your company looks the same across the board, from business cards, to websites, to email templates. This consistency is important to maintain reliability and professionalism that your clients will be watching for.

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Does any of this sound like it might fit your business? Contact us today! Extend Marketing is an expert in branding and we want to help you clarify all of these things to ensure the success of your business this year. We offer small business packages as well as custom options to fit your needs.